Your Birth Stories are Important

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Your Birth Stories are Important

Here at Edenway we just had an open house where we invited ladies to come hear some of our client’s birth stories and have their questions answered concerning out of hospital birth.

It struck me how important birth stories are; how beneficial it is to tell and for others to hear.

As women, we have need of one another.

We have the need to share experiences that have made us into who we are today. We want to know and be known.

Birth is a raw and real experience. It takes every ounce of everything we have. It doesn’t leave us the way it found us.

It’s a metamorphosis; the turning from one thing into another.

This is true no matter how many births you’ve had. Every child changes you. Every birth furthers you in your journey. Every life is a miracle that expands your whole outlook.

No matter what your births have looked like, it’s something worth talking about because it has made you who you are today.

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