Switched Providers at 42 weeks!

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Switched Providers at 42 weeks!

During childhood I loved science the most. I have since been amazed at how well a mother’s body was created to grow her baby, give birth, and make the most nourishing food- breast milk. I grew up knowing that my mother had loved nursing my brother and me and this made me feel so loved. I looked forward to nursing my own babies one day.

We had been preparing for an unmediated hospital birth attended by nurse midwives and with us would be our doula, H.R. who specialized in acupressure. As my estimated due date rapidly approached, I was sure I would fall into the percentage that went on or before their “due dates.” Two weeks before my EDD the nurse midwives asked me to set an induction date “just in case.”

When the due day circled on my calendar came and went, I began to get nervous because the induction was only a few days away. I was told my vital signs and blood work were perfect and baby was growing well, but if I did not start labor naturally by 6am on March 7th, I would get an induction. I was devastated. It felt as if all our hopes and dreams of our natural birth were being tossed out the window. We needed more options!

During that two week period before my set induction date, I did a lot of research. I called Edenway Birth Center and found a friendly team of Licensed Midwives who were great listeners, compassionate and personable. I felt like an individual and not a statistic. I needed to send them my paperwork. The only problem was they were not an in network provider on my insurance, so we stalled. This was something I really wanted to do, but I still hoped I would not“need to because I surely would go into my own natural labor. I was confident my body knew what to do.

When it occurred to me that we would be leaving for my unnecessary induction unless I started labor that day, I began sobbing. My understanding husband stayed home with me until our doula arrived at 1:45pm. I had been having mild to moderate contractions for a week. I tried caster oil once before and again that morning. My doula suggested trying some acupressure points and visualization techniques on and off for over 2 hours. I shared about my homebirth dream, but that seemed out of the question.

My doula had worked with the Edenway Birth Center team and offered to call for us in case we might want to meet them instead of going to the induction the next day. The midwives said they could meet us later that night.

At 5pm I sat on my birth ball and felt tons more pressure when I stood up. Andrew came home and my contractions by 5:45pm were intensifying and coming every 2 to 4 minutes and lasting a minute long. Our doula announced I was in active labor and needed to decide on care providers. Andrew said, “Let’s see if the midwives will come here!” I was thrilled! Our informal meeting with midwives whom I had never seen before turned into a wonderful home birth attended by 2 licensed midwives and 3 student midwives.

I went back in forth from the tub to my bed. My water trickled during transition at 9pm. Around 10:45pm I was 10 centimeters dilated. I was 42 weeks along when Alayna was born at 11:47pm! I was supported all through out labor by my husband and so many women. We had such a peaceful, intervention-free birth. I wish every birth could have all the comforts of midwifery care. I give all the glory to God!

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