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2 Carriers to Have as Your Baby Grows

 | May 14, 2019 | Posted by:

Women have been baby wearing for thousands of years, but somehow we Westerners have only jumped on the bandwagon relatively recently.

Here are our two favorites!


This is a k’tan and we love it because it’s versatile. It will hold an 8-25 pound baby, and is perfect for those first few months. You can tighten or loosen according to the baby’s growth. There are lots of fun patterns and colors to choose from. You can really let your personality shine through in your choice.

Ergo Original

This Ergo Original is very practical from day one through toddlerhood. You can purchase a newborn insert separately and once they grow you can remove it.

These carriers are the perfect addition to your baby registry. They will save you on days where your baby just wants to be held and on days when you’re out and about with the family.

We love baby wearing and love talking about our favorite styles. Feel free to talk with our midwives at your next visit to discuss any questions you might have.

4 Guidelines for Visiting New Moms

 | December 27, 2018 | Posted by:

There’s just something about snuggling a newborn baby dressed in a fleece outfit when it’s cold outside.

With nasty bugs going around, and everyone falling prey to them, it’s good to give some reminders on protocols for visiting new moms.

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