The Essentials Guide to Meals for New Parents

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I don’t know about you, but it seems like most of the women I know are either pregnant or have just had a baby. Along with diapers and wipes, I don’t know of a more meaningful show of love than to bring a meal to those new parents.

There are a few guidelines that I try to follow, though, especially for nursing moms. I try to be mindful because that sweet babe has never had to digest his mama’s milk before. Whatever mom eats, baby eats.

Winter is a fabulous time to take food to new parents because it’s soup season. One-pot meals are my fave, and are especially wonderful when taking to another family. Plus, you can load up on veggies and broth that add much-needed nutrients.

Don’t forget to add instructions for baking or heating. Those postpartum hormones are no joke, and every little bit of brain cells we can save our sleep-deprived friends is a help.

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Quick, Healthy, EASY, Yummy; Our Favorite Ways to Describe Dinner

 | May 9, 2017 | Posted by:

Welcome Spring! It’s a great time of year to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family because there’s so much to choose from in the produce section at the grocery store. Delicious vegetables and fruits with all kinds of colors and textures make for dinner plates full of variety.

Here are some ideas for easy and healthy dinners this spring and summer.

  1. Throw everything on the grill! This is my favorite, and honestly I’ve been using it at least once every week for the last month. Let me tell you how easy this is.
  • Choose your meat
  • Grab some veggies (I have been doing 2 containers of veggies; diced zucchini and squash and fresh green beans)
  • Prepare said veggies (I use balsamic vinegar for the squash and salt, pepper, garlic salt, and minced garlic for the green beans)
  • Wrap them in foil
  • Put them ALL on the grill at the same time!! Then take them all off the grill AT THE SAME TIME!!

Does it really get any easier than that? If your husband is one to want to dominate the grill, then you have a 5 minute kitchen clean-up and 20-30 minutes of sitting in your back yard sipping a drink and watching him do all the work!

I should just end this blog here. Seriously, what more do you need for a fabulous summer?!

But no…….I’ll press on.

2. Throw it in a salad! Here are some of my favorite salad recipes that can be very versatile. If you like to go meatless once or twice a week, these are great options. Serve with some fruit and you’re done. OR…if the very thought of no meat gives you the crazy eye….throw some chicken on there.

Here’s one of our favorites here at the birth center. It’s a Turkish chopped salad that is super colorful and bursting with flavor. This one would be great to pair with brown rice or quinoa for meatless, or with chicken for more protein.

This one right here. It’s my FAVORITE. I could eat it every day. All day. It’s a black bean and quinoa salad and it’s just divine. This one really doesn’t need much. You can add some chicken if you can’t stand not having meat, but it has the combined protein from the quinoa and beans so meat is very optional.

These are just 2 of the more out of the box salads. You can always go for the more traditional and add fun toppings like boiled eggs, feta cheese, bacon, roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa, pickled eggs or beets, and roasted butternut squash. If you have any leftover grilled veggies you can throw those in, too!

**I will add that if I’m going to put a salad in front of my husband for dinner……I need to pair it with a carb. Sometimes I’ll do baked potatoes (or sweet potatoes if you’re watching your sugars/starches),  gluten free cornbread, or something like blue corn chips with salsa. If your spouse balks at salads (however hearty they may be…..) you might try adding a carb for him and see how it goes.


What are some of YOUR favorite go-to spring/summer foods?




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