Water Birth

Water has been dubbed “nature’s epidural” for it’s amazing ability to lessen the pain of labor and allow a mother to relax. Luckily, unlike an epidural, it does not involve medication or immobility. For many, a water birth or laboring in the water is the most helpful thing in assisting in an enjoyable natural birth.

Water birth has been known to benefit the mother in many ways:

  • Water is relaxing.
  • Water can allow healthy movement and optimal positioning.
  • The relaxation that mom can achieve can help her contractions be more effective.
  • Water naturally lowers pain levels.
  • Water can lower blood pressure.
  • Some women feel safer and more private in the pool and are able to labor with less anxiety.

Water birth at Edenway Birth Center

Our birth center has two beautiful jacuzzi-type built in tubs. You are welcome to labor or birth (or both!) in these gorgeous and relaxing birth tubs. We are able to monitor your baby intermittently while you are in the water so water birth can be as safe as it is comfortable.

Water birth at Home

We also have soft sided birth tubs for rent for our home birth clients.

Some couples prefer to buy their own birth pool. We just recommend that you get something deep enough that you are covered when sitting. Generally speaking the tub should have soft sides, be inflatable, and also be a minimum 18 inches deep when filled. For a woman who is taller than 5′ 8” we recommend a deeper pool.

If you are interested in learning more about water birth and the safety of this incredible practice, you may enjoy this website.

Or these books-

Gentle Birth Choices, By Barbra Harper

Choosing Waterbirth, by Lakshmi Bertram

Waterbirth, By Susanna Napierala

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