Edenway offers supplements and vitamins that we have found to be helpful and some even essential for pre-conception, pregnancy, and even the postpartum periods.  We have now made it easy to order these vitamins and supplements online and have them shipped directly to your door.

Shaklee Prenatal Vitamins – $50

QTY: 240

Vitamin Code Raw Prental – $50


Shaklee GLA Complex – $37

Shaklee Herb Lax – $11

Easy Iron 28mg – $12

Hema Plex Iron Supplement – $15

Prenatal DHA – $30


World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll


Liquid Calcium Magnesium – $15

Herbal Yeast Remedy – $6

Herbal Tinctures


Organic Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew – $25

Herbal After Birth Bath – $15

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