Making a postpartum plan

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Making a postpartum plan

One thing that can make the transition from pregnancy to motherhood easier is having a plan for postpartum. So many of us focus so much on the pregnancy, the baby, and the birth that we forget (or never even know) how much recovery is involved in the first few weeks after the baby comes.

Here are a few tips that can make the motherhood transition easier with each baby.


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1) Prepare meals in advance-

Having at least three meals cooked and placed in the freezer during pregnancy can be a huge help post-baby. Even if you are getting lots of outside help, those freezer meals will come in handy if you have a hard day or an unexpected event. Freeze a few of your favorites in throw away aluminum pans and you will have less clean up too. Some easy ideas are: lasagna, shepherd’s pie, enchiladas, stuffed bell peppers, even soup can all be easily defrosted and eaten.


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2) Accept help (or ask for it)-

Often we are afraid or embarrassed to ask for or accept help. Having a baby should really be a community supported event. Our culture often forgets about the new mom. Ask people that you know within your circle of friends for help. If people offer, then give them something specific they can do. Often people want to help but don’t want to intrude so won’t take the initiative.


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3) Make a list-

Having an easy to read and accessible list of things that you may need is a great way to help things run more smoothly postpartum. Two lists are helpful- one of things people can help with- sweeping, taking out the trash, getting some groceries, etc. Another running list of household needs like food and toilet paper is great to have. Even if you don’t have help coming in, writing things down as you need them and taking a list to the store helps ensure that you don’t have to make a second trip out with a new baby for one forgotten item.

Truly every woman deserves a baby moon where she is supported and allowed time to do the important work of healing herself and feeding a new baby. These few tips can help you do just that with a little planning.

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