Life, Love, and 2018; How Edenway Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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Life, Love, and 2018; How Edenway Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Happy 2018!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a fresh start. The staff at Edenway are no exception.

We want to help you meet your goals this year!  Whether it’s a preconception consultation to help you create a healthier lifestyle, beginning prenatal care, or giving you the tools you need to have a wonderful birth experience….we are here for you! You will find our staff and midwives to be caring and compassionate; valuing your needs as a whole person – physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. You can contact us to schedule an appointment at 817-558-2229.

If you are new to our social experience….WELCOME! We publish articles that range in topics pertaining to all aspects of health, from foods that are best during pregnancy to living in community. Part of the magic of midwifery care is the broad approach to health, making sure to include all aspects of you as a unique person. You will find encouragement here as we live this life together!

Included below are some articles to help you in your goals!

Planning for Pregnancy

Would you like to become pregnant this year? Here are some tips on how to create a healthy environment for your little one to grow in!

9 Things to do Before Getting Pregnant

In planning for pregnancy, there’s not just physical considerations, but also monetary ways that you can prepare. Here are some tips from our administrator on how to budget for family growth.

Help! She’s Got a Baby Bump….But What About a Baby Budget?

Healthy Living

Midwives can’t stress enough the importance of water intake. It can be hard to get in the recommended amount – but we’re here to share a little tip. There are foods you can eat that help you reach your water goal!


Best Foods to Boost Water Intake

Need some encouragement on ways to keep from spiking your blood sugar? We’ve got you covered!

5 Types of Foods That DON’T Raise Your Blood Sugar

Healthy Relationships

Community can be hard. It can be messy. Living without it is harder, though. Here are some thoughts on how to embrace community in your own life.

Embracing Community

Is intentional living one of your goals this year? We are striving for that, too! Read on to see how we are working towards that this year.

The Art of Living Intentionally

We hope that these articles help inspire you in your pursuits this year! We’d love to hear what articles have helped you!

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