5 Survival Tips for a Summertime Baby, Baby!

5 Survival Tips for a Summertime Baby, Baby!

Guest post by Sydney Williamson

Photo credit: M▲TT.D▲LE via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: M▲TT.D▲LE via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

The third trimester is hard enough on a woman’s body,
but add in 100 plus degree temperatures?

You’re going to have to get creative!

Expecting a baby in the midst of a Texas summer can be more than just sitting in the blast of an air conditioner, check out these tips to beat the heat.

dfw-midwives-summer-baby Juicy Fruits
Lots of water and frequent snacking are ideal throughout pregnancy, but especially when a baby is sitting on your stomach and the temps are high. Watery fruits and snacks that provide nutrition and hydration are perfect- like watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and strawberries. Fruit Popsicles are great for when the temperatures soar, and throwing some sliced cucumber in a big jug of water is an easy way to up water intake and leave you feeling refreshed. You could even make it your mission to find the best snocone stand in DFW!


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Be Buoyant
Almost nothing feels better on a stretched pregnant body than being weightless in a cool, sparkling pool of water. Go swimming at your local gym or YMCA, hit up your neighborhood or friend’s pool, even park a kiddie pool in your backyard! No judgment.


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Dress Down
Skirts and dresses are a pregnancy staple. Easy sundresses, tank tops, and linen shorts will all allow airflow and not cling to sweaty skin. Fold top skirts are loose and comfortable, plus are easy to labor in or wear postpartum too!

Avoid the Outdoors
At some point it’s just too hot to hang out. Plan play dates where you can sit in the air conditioning! The Fort Worth Children’s Museum is an awesome place to let your older kids run around while you park yourself in a cool spot. Choose a restaurant with an indoor play space instead of the park on days the Mercury is soaring over 100.

 dfw-midwives-summer-baby-3  Summer Baby
When your sweet summer baby makes their arrival take it easy in the AC! Baby carriers designed for the warm weather work well for leaving the house- check out a carrier with mesh, a gauze wrap, or a linen ring sling. The Noggle is a nifty tool to stream air directly to your child in their car seat. Dress baby in simple onesies or rompers, and grab a sun hat or bonnet to shield their head and eyes from the sun.

 There should be a medal awarded to women who navigate a scorching Fort Worth summer while pregnant, or at the very least unlimited sno-cones. Stay cool this hot summer season, and congratulations on your new baby!

Sydney Williamson is a certified Birth Boot Camp DOULA, baby gear and care specialist, and mom of two. She is a DFW native and lives in Mansfield, Texas. You can find her online at dfwdoula.net

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