How to Tell That Your Breastfed Baby is Thriving

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How to Tell That Your Breastfed Baby is Thriving

At first thought, breastfeeding seems like it should be a breeze; the most natural thing in the world. After Baby is born, you might find that it’s a more time consuming job than you thought it would be.

It can seem irritating at times to have to nurse so frequently (little tummies only hold a little milk!), but it can be an unforeseen gift in giving you the time you need to sit down and rest.

Breastfeeding is possibly the first way we second guess ourselves as new moms; wondering if Baby is getting enough. Each baby is different, with needs as unique as they are. Some babies will take forever to get their fill. Others will eat quickly and be done. Take each one as they come, embracing the differences.

Here are 3 ways to know that your baby is getting enough at each feeding.


Weight Gain

Each baby is unique. Some babies gain weight quickly, while others are slower. Know that your milk is giving your baby what she needs.

Dirty Diapers

Stock up on diapers…..cause you’re going to need them. One way you know that your baby is thriving is when you’re going through 8-10 per day.


Your baby should settle himself into a pattern of good sleep with periods of wakefulness where he’s alert.

See? You’re rocking this mom thing. So often we think we’re alone, but we’re really not. Reach out to friends who have a couple of children. We all have ways we manage and cope in life after having a baby, and I haven’t met a mom yet who doesn’t love sharing her tips.

If you need some encouragement, don’t be afraid to call your midwife or care provider. They can talk with you, and if you need on-going help, set you up with a lactation consultant.

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