Help! She’s Got a Baby Bump….But What About a Baby Budget?

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Help! She’s Got a Baby Bump….But What About a Baby Budget?

Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

As a father of two girls (both of which started as cute little baby bumps, by the way) I remember each time when my blushing wife told me, “We’re pregnant!” I experienced wave upon wave of emotion. I fumbled both times with the typical male response, “WE’RE WHAT??” (I was trying my usual stall tactic, which is to answer a statement with a question to buy more time to process information)

However, my wife was quite familiar with this so she quickly responded at a higher decibel level of sound, “We Are Pregnant!!”

I won’t lie, that had to sink in for minute each time she told me….but after the surprise wore off the feelings of excitement, joy and jubilation soon followed. And then so did the feelings of responsibility. How were we going to pay for this little addition? (I’m a planner in case you couldn’t tell)

Maybe you’re a planner, like me. Or maybe you’re the chilled type that thinks it’s all fine and dandy…..hey, it always works out in the end! But if you are a little overwhelmed or feel unsure how this is all going to work, I want to give you some practical resources to help for the days ahead.

The good news is, while you may feel the urge to figure out how your baby is going to need to develop and grow in the immediate future, you really don’t have to have it all figured out! You can definitely wait to think about college and maybe you don’t have to worry quite yet about if they will be an artist, composer, baseball player, welder or certified day dreamer.

You MIGHT want to give them a name though…. just saying.

But one of the things you will be faced with, after the excitement of telling your friends and family the good news, is how to plan financially.


Budgeting Resources


Fair warning: I’m about to use the “B” word!!! Yes, setting up a budget is usually a good place to start. I know this can seem daunting at first but the truth is it’s necessary for planning and can really help you reach your goals if you are disciplined. You don’t have to be a master mathematician to set up a spread sheet that outlines your plan, either. You can use the tried and true method like people from days of old have used for generations. It consists of a pad of paper, a number 2 pencil, some strong coffee and a steely-eyed determination to see this process through to the end!

Or you can do like most of us from the twenty-first century and google like I did “How to do a Baby Budget” (you can check out that link right here). Eat your heart out twentieth century pencil pushers!!

Now you might be reading this and be saying to yourself, “I’m a strong self-determined, self-disciplined individual. I’ve got this like a boss!“ Well good for you. However, if you are like most of us mere mortals and this is all new to you then, practically speaking, you may also need help and accountability from someone who has been there done that and lived to tell the tale! Maybe you know someone who could help you with this process. Maybe you’re married to them or if you are single maybe you have a friend that can help.

Something to keep in mind is that while sticking to a budget is the point, you do have to give yourself some grace. Budgets can be tweaked from month to month. It’s okay to change it up if needed. If you totally blow it one month then reevaluate and ask yourself it why that happened. Was it because you were undisciplined or was the budget just too unrealistic?

The point of budgeting isn’t to set something in stone that must never change. The budget exists primarily to help us learn about our spending habits and make adjustments when needed.

Don’t forget to look for other resources to take advantage of to help with your budgeting. There are a ton of good YouTube videos and vloggers and bloggers out there if you need inspiration.

Rachel Cruze has a great vlog with lots of helpful planning tips. This video specifically talks about how to plan for a new baby with a couple of practical budgeting ideas.

If you want more practicals here is a video from Jesse Mecham at which could be extremely helpful if you want some serious help with budgeting for a baby (or life).


As a final bit of encouragement, if you need help please feel free to contact us…..or better yet come into Edenway Birth Center. We are all about wanting to come alongside people in practical ways with their births and are happy to sit and visit with you.


Caleb Bernardy joined our team at Edenway with a passion for natural birth and a comprehensive background in small business management. A homebirth advocate, Caleb and his wife Lindsey welcomed their second daughter with the help of the Edenway midwives in 2009. Caleb has over twelve years experience as a business manager and owner. Caleb lives with his wife and two daughters right here in downtown Cleburne. They love their church, community, friends and family. Their burning desire is to honor Christ and bring glory to His name. Caleb diligently works with families to set up payment arrangements and plans for every budget. His professionalism and commitment to the birthing families makes him an instrumental part in helping our couples to have the birth they desire.

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