For The Birth Partner

For The Birth Partner
Photo credit: Emery Co Photo via / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: Emery Co Photo via / CC BY-SA


Welcome to the journey of birth! This journey does not just involve the mother who will go through labor, it involves many other people who love and care for her, especially her birth partner.

We are so glad that you are part of this and we welcome you as a full participant in the process. We are glad to have you come to visits with your partner and ask questions right along with her. We recognize that for many people choosing an out of hospital birth can be a little scary but often just visiting with the midwives and the staff and talking with us about any concerns you have can make your experience more enjoyable and help you feel safe and confident in your decision.

Here are few other tips that we have found will help your whole family get the most out of the birth experience-

-Recognize Your Importance-

Did you know that often women are most grateful for their partner and the support he gave while in labor? Your role is so important. So much of pregnancy is spent working with the new mother that sometimes the partner feels a little left out. Know that your influence is huge, not just at the birth but during the whole pregnancy. A loving companion can help encourage mom to eat better, exercise, practice relaxation, attend her birth class and much more. Not only that, many women report that one reason they were successful in breastfeeding was because of the support their partner gave them. Never forget how precious your role is. You do make a difference.

-Get Educated-

We encourage all couples to take a birth class together. The classes that we will recommend for you are geared towards the couple and helping them learn to work together towards a common goal: a healthy and satisfying birth.

Not only will your involvement in class make mom feel good, it will help you feel better. Often the partner is a little scared of the unknown. A good background in birth will give you the knowledge you need so that you will know and understand the process. Your confidence in the process and your partner will calm her and give her assurance.

We have classes and teachers available that should fit any schedule. Taking them together will help you both prepare for birth and beyond. You will better understand the sights and sounds of labor and how to help your loved one through the whole process.

-Be Involved-

Being one of the first people to hold and touch a fresh, new baby is a miraculous experience. All the hours spent in classes, reading, and working together for this common goal will seem a small price to pay for the exhilaration you will feel when you are a full partner in this truly amazing experience.

Some simple but amazing things you can do to be involved are:
-Be willing to practice relaxation together- Maybe a massage or simply talking about your favorite vacation spot is a way you can prepare for birth together.
-Encourage her to eat well- Sometimes simply helping her eat a good breakfast or taking the time to pick up a few healthy snacks at the store are a welcome sign of love and involvement.

-Take a moment each day to help her exercise and stay fit- Going on a walk together not only helps prepare her for labor, but gives you a chance as a couple to connect during a transitional time.

In the end, you will be a more confident partner. You will recognize the divine power in your companion and her ability as a mother. Your relationship will grow stronger and be fortified through this journey. This will be worth it. You are needed. We recognize your sacrifices and we honor your role.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have so that we can serve you better. Thank you for being part of Edenway Birth Center!

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