Every Birth Story is Beautiful

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Every Birth Story is Beautiful

Birth is a time of celebration. It is filled with warmth and joy; light and life.

Here at Edenway Birth Center we understand the beauty of birth. During 2018 we have worked hard to update our facility with a specific purpose in mind.

You, our client.

We want our birth center to feel like home when you walk through our door.

With that in mind, each detail has been thought through and planned accordingly.


When you pull into our parking lot, we want to reflect that our birth center is an historic home. It has old world charm that only 20th century architecture can provide.

We love that locals come in frequently and tell us about the people who once lived in this house.

We love that our stories of joy, tears, and triumph have added to their stories, decades old.




It has been a joy to take old elements of this beautiful house and update them, giving them a modern twist.


You will see beautiful hardwood floors next to gorgeous modern tile.



Our prenatal room immediately puts you at ease with its coziness and charm.







Flooded with natural light, our upstairs birth room is a perfect place to deliver a baby. The spacious room makes it suitable for siblings or extra family members to join you.




















Our birth cottage is private and has its own birth tub and sitting room.





We treasure each birth at Edenway, and see it as a miracle. It is our joy to serve you throughout your pregnancy, give excellent care and support during birth, and a helping hand postpartum.

You can contact Edenway today for a free consultation and tour!

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