What to Eat During Pregnancy: Seafood

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What to Eat During Pregnancy: Seafood

We’re taking a look at twelve superfoods for pregnancy. In this series we will be unpacking some of the most nutrient-dense foods so that you can give yourself and your baby the healthiest pregnancy possible.

According to  “The Healthy Pregnancy Book”  by William Sears, MD and his wife Martha Sears, RN one of the best foods you can eat during pregnancy is safe seafood. Their research shows that “mothers who eat more safe seafood or take omega-3 fish oil supplements during pregnancy and for three months after delivery:

  • Are less likely to suffer pre- and postpartum depression
  • Have a lower chance of delivering a premature baby or one with a less-than-optimal birth weight
  • Have babies who are more likely to have better visual acuity, especially if baby was premature
  • Have children who are less likely to develop skin and respiratory allergies
  • Have children who are more likely to have higher IQs”

For a very complete look at what exactly makes seafood and omega-3 oils so beneficial for you and your baby I highly encourage you to read “The Healthy Pregnancy Book” available on Amazon or for loan at Edenway in our lending library.

Here’s the breakdown for what is best to eat, what is okay in moderation to eat, and what you absolutely need to stay away from during pregnancy.


Green Light! Eat Your Heart Out!


Arctic Char

Catfish (US)

Cod, Pacific

Halibut, Alaskan


Rainbow trout

Sablefish, Alaskan

Salmon, preferably pacific (fresh, frozen, or canned)


Shrimp, Pacific

Tuna, canned light

Tuna, fresh Pacific

(Troll- and pole-caught tuna tend to be smaller and contain fewer contaminants than long-line, deep water tuna, which tend to be larger and therefore more contaminated)


Orange Light! Go Easy!

Halibut, Atlantic



Orange roughy

Sea bass

Shrimp, Atlantic


Tuna, fresh albacore, yellow fin


Red Light! Just Say No!

King mackerel






What is your favorite safe seafood and how do you to prepare it?

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