Day in the Life of an Edenway Birth Center Midwife : 12 Days of Edenway

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Day in the Life of an Edenway Birth Center Midwife : 12 Days of Edenway
DITL_Edenway_Midwives_Home_Birth_Birth_Center_1 The phone rings, the clock says 2:00 AM.  I’m not surprised, as I have been expecting this call any moment.   My bags are ready, they always are.  You just never know when “the call” might come.  A lot of women will go into active labor late at night and birth in the early morning hours.  This mother sticks to that timing. It’s time to notify the assisting midwife and our students.  The birth team always consists of two fully licensed midwives to ensure safety for mom and baby.

DITL_Edenway_Midwives_Home_Birth_Birth_Center_2 I call to check on mom again.  I walk out the door knowing I have plenty of time, but it isn’t always like this.  Many times I am rushing out the door to race the clock.I make the drive to her house, she is fairly close to me but sometimes we have clients who are more than an hour away.  I build lifelong relationships with our families that surpass distance or moves.  The adrenaline builds throughout the drive and rises as we arrive at our destination.
DITL_Edenway_Midwives_Home_Birth_Birth_Center_3 The birth team and I walk in, assess the situation, and check mom and baby’s vitals.  The birth process is a small intimate affair this time.  The children were sleeping as mom and dad were laboring downstairs.  I make sure the mother has all the comfort measures she needs as the students prepare our supplies.  The mother is in control of her labor as we allow her to move around, eat and drink as she would like.  Dad and I take turns applying counter-pressure and hip squeezes as needed.  We will do anything to make mom comfortable as we allow her body to progress on it’s own while embracing the process of labor.
DITL_Edenway_Midwives_Home_Birth_Birth_Center_4 We continue to monitor contractions and vitals for both mom and baby while keeping detailed notes in mom’s chart. I allow dad to be the main support role for mom as they build a stronger bond to keep a lasting family dynamic.  He tells mom how amazing she is doing and keeps her confident.  Dad loves on her throughout the labor process and their bond is encompassing.
DITL_Edenway_Midwives_Home_Birth_Birth_Center_5 Once transition has happened and it’s time to meet the new little one, I help mom prepare to catch her miracle.  This is the moment when the adrenaline peaks; seeing the look of pure joy on the family’s faces is what I live for.  When mom sees her baby and oxytocin spills out across the room, everyone falls in love all over again.
DITL_Edenway_Midwives_Home_Birth_Birth_Center_7 The birth team and I make sure to get mom all settled and the siblings came to meet the new baby!  They also instantly fell in love with the new little one. We take a few more vital checks to ensure the health of mom and baby then make sure mom gets a full meal.  She has worked so hard up to now she needs nourishment to replenish her body.
DITL_Edenway_Midwives_Home_Birth_Birth_Center_8 The students have prepared an herbal bath at just the right temperature for mom and baby to escape and have an intimate bonding experience while also healing mom’s body.
DITL_Edenway_Midwives_Home_Birth_Birth_Center_6 We make sure the family is set up and prepared to start life with their new addition.  We tidy up the house, start the laundry, and get everything done so that mom can have a restful and bonding time with baby.As we pack up and prepare to leave, I pray over the family and new baby to ask safety and health for everyone.  We say our heartfelt good-bye’s and load my supplies into the car.  As I make the drive back home I recall the night’s events with a smile on my face.  Knowing I helped mom get past her fears and stay relaxed and comfortable throughout her birth brings me joy and happiness.
DITL_Edenway_Midwives_Home_Birth_Birth_Center_9 Heading home the birth team is starving!  We stop for breakfast and rehash the birth, our hearts are warm and full.  Then it’s time to get home to my bed, who knows when the next birth will happen!


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