6 Reasons to Choose Water Birth

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6 Reasons to Choose Water Birth


Water birth has become very popular in the last ten years, and it’s no wonder! It’s been dubbed “nature’s epidural” for it’s ability to lessen pain and allow the laboring mother to relax. For many women laboring in the water has helped them achieve a natural birth without the involvement of medication.

Here are some of the reasons women around the world have loved laboring and birthing in the water for centuries.

  • Water is relaxing

  • Water can allow healthy movement and optimal positioning

  • The relaxation that mom can achieve can help her contractions be more effective

  • Water naturally lowers pain levels

  • Water can lower blood pressure

  • Some women feel safer and more private in the pool and are able to labor with less anxiety.


Water Birth At Edenway



We have two beautiful birth tubs that allow you to labor and/or birth in a peaceful environment. Your midwives are able to monitor your baby intermittently so your water birth can be as safe as it is comfortable.




We love giving our clients options for the best birth possible, and water birth is definitely at the top of that list. Feel free to ask questions of your midwife and together you can plan for your natural birth.



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