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Hannah’s Speedy Arrival

 | July 22, 2012 | Posted by:

© Adele Photography – Used with Permission

We loved our last-minute home birth so much we planned our second home birth with the same midwives at Edenway Birth Center even before we were pregnant!

I had gone in for my usual prenatal appointment at 38 weeks. My midwives told me they wouldn’t be surprised even if she came later that day. I started gathering everything together and focusing my mind for this baby on the move! The contractions did pick up steadily and I called my husband and friend to come as soon as possible. Everyone, including my chiropractor, came out to the house but after a few hours nothing happened. I was able to get back to sleep and was happy to keep baby Hannah inside a bit more.

© Adele Photography – Used with Permission

Exactly 1 week later, I had been working the Election polls all day. I ignored the contractions throughout the day because of experiencing pre labor. Later that night at 6pm I sang in our church choir. Every time I held out long, high notes, I could feel my cervix opening up! I began timing the contractions and realized they were coming every 3 to 4 minutes and getting stronger. At 8:30pm I knew the baby was coming fast! I picked up my daughter from nursery, drove home and put her to bed. My midwife happened to be near my house when I called.


© Adele Photography – Used with Permission

My 1st exam showed I was 100% effaced, dilated 7 centimeters. I was laboring hard in the tub when my husband got there at 9:25pm. Words can not describe how much I needed him right then! I was afraid this time even though I’d birthed before. We prayed together and I was able to relax. Leaning over a birth ball at 11pm on my bed was difficult, but as my water gushed, my head cleared and it was wonderful. I loved how helpful my midwives were and I was so glad my best friend who is an amazing photographer had arrived. One on top of another the contractions came. Transition sent me back into the tub. I was shaking, burping and cold. Something popped in side me; must have been the bag of waters slipping over her head. I pushed with the urge; immediately slight burning occurred and I had to “breath” her head out slowly in the water. With another push she did not budge, so out of the tub I stood. With one foot on the edge of the tub, the rest of me supported by my amazing husband, baby Hannah flew right out into my midwife’s gentle hands at 12:52am with out a tear. She was passed up through my legs and we fell in love.

She latched on right away causing my placenta to plop out almost immediately but she got all her cord blood like her sister had. She went on to nurse for 372 days exclusively before we started her on organic puréed foods. Our daughter’s births have helped me gain the experience needed to help others find the confidence they need to enjoy the wonders of a natural birth and breastfeeding because each life is a gift from God! It comes naturally for me to help couples learn their options for a healthy life, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding because I love it!

Kira’s Birth Story

 | November 6, 2009 | Posted by:

Edenway was truly a gift from the Lord to our whole family through the pregnancy and birth of our third child.  I was already pleasantly surprised as we pulled up to Edenway’s quaint building.  We were immediately greeted with smiles, eye contact and hugs from all the midwives.  I felt as if I was an invited guest in the presence of family.

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