Birth Affirmations for Every Mother

Birth Affirmations for Every Mother

Photo by Valerie Cannon Photography


About the Body…
I acknowledge that this strength is my own.
Each contraction is embracing my baby with strength.
I am learning my body.

My body was born to birth.
I am aware of my breath, I am aware of my body.
I am beautiful! I am strong!
I care for myself.

About the Baby…
My little human.
My baby will come from the warmth of my womb to the warmth of my arms.
(Speaking to Baby) We are working together.
I breathe warmth/strength/love/courage into you. (Whatever you need to focus on, breathe that word into your baby. When we are teaching our little one we embrace the concept better ourselves.)
(Speaking to Baby) You will come.
My baby acts innately, my body responds intuitively.
Come, Baby, Come.

About the Process…
My body, My baby, My way.
I am open, I release, I surrender.
I can prepare for birth, but I cannot plan it. I accept the unexpected.
I embrace the unexpected.
This is my own journey.
(Speaking to Baby) Every moment brings me closer to our meeting.
I am in a safe place. I trust my people. I birth with confidence.

About Parenthood…
I choose to enjoy my baby, as I will only have a baby for one year.
I choose to enjoy my toddler, as I only have a toddler for two years.
I choose to enjoy my child, as I only have a child for seven years.
I choose to enjoy my preteen, as I only have a preteen for three years.
I choose to enjoy my teen, as I only have a teen for five years.
I choose to embrace this new role in my life.
I choose to find delight in this new role of father in my spouse.

About the Changes…
It’s okay not to feel ready, all you have to be is willing.
I focus on faith.
She believed she could so she did.
Keep Calm and know God Keeps You.
This too shall pass.
I learn the lessons of birth. I am fluid with the changes.
We learn with each other – One step at a time.


Guest Post by Elise Arcos:  Elise has been involved in the birth community for the past five years as both a midwife-in-training and doula.  She is passionate about bringing honor back into birth and care back into postpartum, and believes changing our language is a first step. She is now an international doula in Panama, seeking to bridge the gap between those in need and those who seek a better way to birth.

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