Our Team

We consider it an incredible honor that you are considering using our birth team to support you during this very special time. Please do not hesitate to communicate to us your specific needs and desires.

Rosetta Schwartz, CPM, LM

Clinical Director

I have had a special love for babies and women’s health since I was a young girl. My mother and sisters used midwives for their pregnancies and births, so a natural approach to health has always been normal to me. In January of 2009, I felt called to move from West Virginia to Texas to study midwifery at Edenway Birth Center.

Meet Rosetta

Anesha Martin, CPM, LM

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Meet Anesha

Caleb Bernardy

Executive Administrator

Shaunda Brainard

Business Administrator / Benefits Coordinator

Caitlynn Bernardy

Administrative Assistant

Lindsey Bernardy

Community Relations Coordinator

Kayce Pestrue

Apprentice Midwife

Lizzie Carroll

Apprentice Midwife

Jill Davis, RDMS, RVT

Independent Sonographer

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