4 Habits for Productivity in the Little Years

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4 Habits for Productivity in the Little Years

How many times a week (or day) do you find yourself saying, “There’s not enough time in my day”? I don’t know anyone who hasn’t uttered those words.

The truth of the matter is that we are all given the same amount of time. We just have to learn how to use what we’re given and to be content with what we get done, letting the rest go.

Here are some tips on how to be productive, even when you have little ones running around.

Prioritize 3-5 things to get done that day

We hit burn-out mode easily when we are running around trying to get everything done in one day. Usually nothing gets done because we’re overwhelmed and exhausted.

Try making a list of 3-5 things to get done that day. When they’re done, they’re done. By taking things in small chunks it’s motivating because you’re able to see quick results and feel satisfaction quickly. One positive step motivates more positive steps.

Use the best part of your day to get it done 

Nobody is looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing what you need to get done during a certain time frame. When do you find that your little ones are happy playing for 15-20 minutes? Use that time to knock out one or two things on your list. Maybe try for half in the mornings when they’re occupied and the other half during the first part of their nap time, leaving you plenty of time for rest, yourself. 

Plan ahead. Don’t be afraid to map out your week

Take a few minutes at the beginning of your week to look at the priorities in your home. Make a list of a few things you can do each day so that it’s in manageable chunks, leaving you with energy for your significant other and children. 

Use healthy motivators 

Who says bribery is all bad? Motivate yourself to get your priorities done so that when nap time rolls around you actually have some time to do things you enjoy. Read a book, drink some coffee or tea, eat some chocolate, do a workout dvd. Whatever it is, you can enjoy it guilt free because you have taken the time to get your manageable list done.



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