3 Ways to Detox After the Holidays

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3 Ways to Detox After the Holidays

The holidays have come and gone in a blur of food, fun, and family. If ever there’s a time to responsibly allow yourself some treats, the holidays are it.

But, January is here and so is the long winter ahead.

Time to buckle down and get back on the health wagon. We’ve got you covered with some good ideas for detoxing after all the fun.

  • Cut out the sugar

I know, I know. Once you’ve had some, it’s so hard to say no. Sugar is addicting, that’s for sure. Try and cut out sugar during the week. On the weekends let yourself have a treat. That way you’re not completely depriving yourself. Moderation is key.

  • Eat at home

There’s nothing saying you can’t have fun meals; just make them at home. When you have homemade meals you aren’t getting all the sodium and chemicals found in take-out. Again, focus on eating at home during the week, with a weekend meal out. It’s all about balance.

  • Get outside

When you combine healthy eating with fresh air, you get wonderful results. Take your kids to the park. Go for a 10 minute walk. Try jogging for 5 minutes and walking for 10 minutes for a mile or two.


What do you do after the holidays to get yourself back on track? Tell us about it!

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