3 Reasons to Walk During Pregnancy

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3 Reasons to Walk During Pregnancy

Here in N. Texas we are limited in how much we can walk outside during the year, due to fear of melting into a pile of ash from the summer sun.

Lucky for us, it’s spring; the most wonderful season in Texas for being outside and enjoying nature.

With that in mind, let’s look at three reasons why walking during pregnancy is beneficial.

Prepares your body for labor

Walking helps strengthen your back, hips, and legs which are major players in your labor. Try finding a route with some hills to give you a higher heart rate and burn more calories, creating more muscle.

Helps you sleep

There’s nothing like exercise to help with your sleep pattern. Working movement into your day and having a good wind-down routine at night work together for your benefit in allowing your body to sleep well.

Helps you control stress

Have you noticed how getting outside in the sunshine helps lift your mood? The endorphins released after a cardio burn help you control and release stress in your mind and body. It’s a natural anti-depressant that’s free, too!

What benefits do you see when you walk during pregnancy?

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