3 Cute and Comfy Maternity Sandals

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3 Cute and Comfy Maternity Sandals


I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about the most comfortable maternity shoes out there.

After all, you spend a lot of time being pregnant and, like it or not, most places won’t let you in without shoes.

Off I went into the big world of google to search the best shoes out there, just for you. Can I just say that some things cannot be unseen? 

Sisters, there are shoes out there that I would never want to see again. Ever. So many, in fact, that I wanted to re-think this article and do a gag post. In an effort to maintain Edenway’s professional appearance, though, I refrained.

Summer is here and the thought of hot, confining shoes is enough to give us the shudders. In Texas, we work hard to wear as little clothing as modestly possible. The same goes for shoes.

If you’re pregnant, I don’t have to tell you why choosing lower heals and better support is a good idea. Swollen ankles and aching feet will clue you in better (and faster) than I ever could!

So here are my top picks for the cutest (and most comfy) summer maternity shoes.



These sandals are so cute and minimal. They’re versatile; casual enough for a pair of shorts but classy enough for skirts and dresses.

You can find them here





Who doesn’t love the ease of slipping into shoes without having bend over to buckle clasps?! These can also be versatile for shorts and casual dresses. 

You can find them here.






Comfort and style. It’s a beautiful thing. These are great for running around town, or for trips to the gym for prenatal yoga/stretching.

You can find them here




There you have it! Comfy styles for a great price! Here’s to comfy feet while looking trendy.

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